Learn About Brand Mascots

Learn all about brand mascots. Is a brand mascot right for YOUR business? What are the secrets behind the most successful brand mascots? Read case studies and helpful articles on building a strong brand; and learn what costly mistakes to avoid.

More companies have figured out that putting a brand mascot to work for them is a shrewd marketing move, but these advertising characters aren’t right for every business, and there is a right way, and wrong way, to manage a brand mascot. Even the most famous brand mascots put their proverbial foot in their mouth from time to time.

This site is dedicated to helping businesses make smart decisions regarding marketing with brand mascots. We recommend you to start by reading: “Is a Brand Mascot Right For Your Business,” followed by “Brand Mascot Do’s and Don’ts.”

So what exactly is a brand mascot; how is it different from a brand character or spokesperson; and why should you care? First, brand mascots are a powerful marketing weapon, and you should know how to use them correctly, before blasting your brand message all over the market. Like any powerful tool, they can cause damage if used improperly (the creepy Burger King), or create a dynasty if used properly (M&M characters).

A brand character is human, and a brand mascot is not. Other than that, there is virtually no difference, and the rules for managing each are very similar. Brand mascot examples include Tony the Tiger, the Jolly Green Giant and the Keebler Elves. Brand character examples include Flo for Progressive Insurance and the Caveman for Geico. A spokesperson, however, is a real person, who retains their identity. Examples include Mike Roe for Ford, or Michael Jordon for Hanes.

If you are a small business searching for a brand mascot, a great place to start is Toons4biz.com. They have more than 14,000 brand mascot clip art images. They have a cartoon character for virtually every type of business, and each one comes in its own clip art set so you can build a branding campaign around the mascot. They also offer an array of cartoon logo templates that can be easily customized with your company name. Toons4Biz also designs custom cartoon brand mascots, and provides an array of marketing services for small businesses including Web design, brochures, stationery design, signage, merchandising, packaging, tradeshow displays and virtually anything you need to get your business off the ground, or taken to the next level.


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