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We design custom brand mascots and cartoon logos for many businesses, and would be glad to design one for you.

There are a lot of different cartooning styles, but ours has been carefully honed and tested, over the years, to work very well for brand mascots. Integrity retention is important. No matter how small, or large, you reproduce our brand mascot, they’ll retain their integrity. Readability is critical! When we design a cartoon logo for you, we make sure your brand name can be read from a mile away and recognized at-a-glance. Colors are tricky, but we know the science of how they work. We know how to dial in the right combination of hues and values to bring your brand mascot to life; and we use bold, clean lines to give them visual weight and make them pop! Lastly, we sprinkle each brand mascot with magic dust to put a sparkle in their eye and a gleam in their smile. It’s the magic touch that makes them endearing and likable – and making friends is job number one for a brand mascot.

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