School Mascots

We design kid-friendly mascots for elementary schools that have PBIS (positive behavior interventions and supports) programs. These illustrations portray the mascots acting as a role model to demonstrate positive behavior. Our standard clip art sets feature the mascot doing a variety of school and sport related activities, and are ideal for yearbook design, posters, banners, t-shirts and all types of communications. Our behavior clip art sets are customized to each school’s specific PBIS program.

School mascot clipart

The star mascot can be changed to your school mascot in the PBIS matrix poster, restroom rules poster, or PBIS theme banner.

We use the behavior clip art to design posters and banners that reflect the rules, or behavioral expectations for each part of the school. We have rule poster templates for the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, restroom, assemblies, bus and playground. Each poster is customized with the school’s PBIS rules, the school name, their mascot, and the design reflects the school’s colors as well.

We also design matrix posters that consolidates all the rules in one big poster or banner. These are popular to hang in every classroom and throughout the school.

To keep the PBIS message fresh throughout the year, we also design, print and deliver large “forever” wall calendars that feature the mascot with a cartoon voice bubble. These forever calendars are laminated, so educators can write a new message from the mascot whenever they want to change the area of focus to a new behavior.


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